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There are 595 restaurants
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Drifters Pizza Pub Wai'ao Beach
95/100 (386 ratings)
"For 4 years that I have been in Taiwan, I've been looking for a place where I could chill, surf and eat dam good pizza... I finally found it and by..."
Titouan Catrice
"Didn't think it was possible to find creative, delicious, and authentic pizza on this island. Not only was I wrong, but you can have a killer pizza..."
Mike Zulu
"Delicious pizza, reasonable prices, friendly staff, pleasant surroundings in a great place right across from the beach. And there's a giant outdoor..."
Sue Addenbrooke
"Best pub and pizza in waio! Great atmosphere and friendly staff. My go to..."
Scott L Ihm
"Great place, location, beer options and amazing pizza. I’m a..."
Sabrina Sutherland
"Is my favorite restaurant, because I can see the beautiful beach, also can enjoy music and..."
Erica Lawrence
"I love the atmosphere there, good food, nice view, nice people. Totally..."
Huang Pablo Daví
"Best rock n roll joint in Asia. Hands down. Out of this world drink menu. A must see while in..."
Sam Linger
"Great pizza, great people, great beer, great location, great music. Add those together = great..."
Nazeem Solarie
"Awesome pizza and the staff are so friendly..."
Ben Mylton-Smith
"Great location, with good food and live music, what more can you ask for? They even have great..."
Joe Hodgson
"We went to the Pirate Party last Saturday night and when it was time to go home, my friend's bag was missing. The staff at Drifter's were very..."
Nigel Pal Anderson
Mia Wang
"Kind folks, great audience, great food and bevs, good vibe, nice beach location, convenient transpo (train), great..."
Brian Alexander
"Had a best birthday in Drifters , the pizzas and cuba libre! Go for it if you have never been..."
Bosco TinChi Yau
"Top notch pizza in an outdoor atmosphere with live music by the beach! What more could too ask for? Keep those slush margaritas coming..."
Cameron Russell Brtnik